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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slept late. I am always tired and exhausted, even with 8,10,12,14 hours sleep! Randy lead a Bible study for us today. I miss the fellowship of church, however, the lights give me a headache and cause me to be dizzy.
The tremors started and the anxiety hit like a brick slamming into a window. i feel like the broken window. Parts of myself are still there, but i can't reach the rest. My heart is feels that it it will explode any minute. My dh went and got me a blood pressure / heart monitor.
**Talked to Randy and kids about how GD is immune disease so we need to do everything we can to protect mom. This means everyone MUST wash their hands immediately when they come in. Also shoes need to be left at the door. And the most important---if you are SICK or think that you are SICK; you will not be ALLOWED in. Casey wants to make a sign for the doors. Emily said that she would help!! DH explained to the kids that they had to help also by cleaning the rooms and keeping them as germ free as possible.

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