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Monday, March 29, 2010

Well the GP said thought that I needed to change anti-depressants. So I am weening off of citrolpram and onto cybalta. Still no meds for cholesterol. GP wants to wait until eye surgeries are over and my body has time to rebound.
I am so upset..... I have gained almost 30 pounds since mid-October of last year. That's only 5 months. Add that to the other 30 pounds that I gained at the beginning of this sickness and you have me~~~ The BIGGEST I HAVE EVER BEEN.
It is scary because I have been eating healthy (fish, chicken, low carbs, veggies and fruit) and yet the GP said that because my TSH was so crazy and where I have been battling depression that I have leaning toward my natural tendency to put on weight.
So~~ Today I rode the exercise bike some and it feels great, But I sure am ready for a nap!!
My sinuses are getting worse again, I live in East Tennessee and we are going into peak pollen season. I pray that i can have the OD surgery soon and be able to drive so that I can get the allergy shoots that ENT wanted me to get last year!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It has been horrible lately...
I have been hit by a big wave of depression and can't seem to keep keep my head above water.
I see the GP on Friday. I need to tell him about the stabbing headaches, is this something new?
No news yet on insurance approval for eye surgery.
Hubby has been very understanding. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Does Anyone Else Feel This Way ???
Scared and Lonely......

Or am I the crazy woman in the wilderness
Well I survived another day with Graves.
Yesterday was the anniversary of my dad's death. It was hard. I got a little crazy and thought that I didn't take my meds; so I took them! Or course, later I realized that I doubled up on everything for the day. I had a few anxiety attacks (even with the double dose??) today.
Just being SCARED.......
Just upset that I can't go to soccer practice with Casey........
Just hurt that I can't put my arms around my daughter and protect her from the world......
Just mad that my son is leaving in a few days............
Just LONELY............

Friday, March 12, 2010

I have been so sick. Hubby brought home a nasty head cold. And I woke up Saturday with it and have basically been in bed since with a fever, chills, ear drainage, nose drainage, sore throat..
I am thankful to be up out of bed today! I actually got dressed. I am praying to feel better by the weekend since my son is home visiting from Arkansas and I haven't got to give him a big hug yet!
No news on my eye surgeries or my disability paperwork.....
Left in Limbo. I'm thinking that should be the new name for Graves. "Limbo"
It describes so much of our lives with that one word.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday ~~
Hubby took me to see Dr Ralph Wesley (eye surgeon) in Nashville. I have the all clear to go ahead with OD -- Orbital Decompression Surgery. I just have to wait for insurance approval. We will be doing the right eye first then 10-14 days later we will do the left eye.
Dr said that I will have to recover for 2-3 months before the next surgery, either straightening my turned in eye, or eye lid retraction surgery.
It was another long day with the car travel, anxiety attacks and then the great depression about having 2 separate surgeries on my eyes. Where the dr will drill out pieces of my skull bones!!
On top of all that craziness, I got a head and sinus cold thing going on. Even my throat is tender!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I got a call today on blood work from lst week.
My TSH is .88 . I was excited, I had the nurse repeat it twice to make sure i was hearing it right.
The nurse also said that GP is clearing me for surgery.
Hubby is taking me back to Nashville on Friday to see Dr. Ralph Wesley to discuss surgery options. Right now we are leaning heavily toward the orbital decompression, NOT the eyelid retraction.
Depression "waves" are more pronounced. And yet the anxiety attacks seem the same ????
My skin is changing its composition, from normal to oily and from combination to oily.
Great! Now I look and act like a teenager!!