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Thursday, December 24, 2009


i got the letter from my insurance that they have approved my eyelid retraction surgery.
However, because my tsh levels are not normal ~~~~ I am no longer a candidate :(
The depression has been horrible the last 2 weeks with this new info.
I go back to the eye specialist over in Nashville in Jan to discuss my options.
The overall pain in my joints has not went away (like the dr hoped).
I see him again after Christmas~~ we will see where that goes :(

May your Christmas be Blessed with Christ's Love and Peace

Monday, December 14, 2009

I have been struggling with muscle pain for the last 3 weeks or so. I had some bloodwork done last Thursday and no results yet. One thing the dr is thinking ~~ a reaction to the Lipitor meds that i'm on. so i'm off those right now. The overall ache has decreased, however the pain in my major joints is more pronounced. My lower back into my hips, my writs, my shoulders hurt all the time. i am using otc meds right now for the pain. it was so bad a few days ago that i resorted to a pain pill.
I am also struggling with my eyes. My right eye is differently turning in causing double vision. Right not its not to bad. I can force the eye to more back to a 'normal' position. The eye dr -- told me on Thursday that I need to go back to the specialist in Nashville to see about orbital decompression being a necessity. The crux of the matter is . . . I can't have surgery until my thyroid is under control. It is not. I have been working with GP to regulate. Next week, I will be contacting the endo to aggressively monitor the changes.
I am still dealing with the depression. And i am struggling to have a "normal" Christmas.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I have finally managed to pull myself out of bed and up the stairs to the pc! I've been struggling with depression (since I've had the sinus infection). Sometimes I think that life just goes on.... Where am I? I don't feel like a part of it anymore. My husband has been wonderful in how he has picked up and carried this family. My children have adjusted to the changes and don't act like they need me anymore. I just get so lonely.
I am thinking about curing Graves Disease....... What will it take??
I believe in miracles, so here's my prayer
Lord, forgive me for not turning to you for comfort--I know that you are there waiting for me. Lord, forgive me for not glorifying you in all -- I know that every time I question why, how come, i am not acknowledging your greatness. Lord, please cure me from Graves Disease. Just touch my body and remove each and every antibody that is wrecking my body, your temple. I know that you are the great physician and can do all things. I ask for forgiveness and peace and healing in your son's name . .... JESUS CHRIST. Amen
If you are reading this post please pray this prayer for me. God is a God of miracles!