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Monday, March 30, 2009

I set up a washing station at the main entrance of my home--the mud room. Of course I had to clean that room from top to bottom. I could not expect others to wash if my sink was dirty. I didn't finish. I will finish tomorrow!! This one little bitty room took me about 4 hours to clean, every time my heart raced- I rested. I finally felt like I was doing something besides sitting around or napping away my life. I took the alprazolam when I first noticed something "not right". What a difference. I feel better today than I have felt since October 08!! {I have been "sick" since Oct 08.} It was almost like my old self (before the GD), I knew that it wouldn't last. But i really enjoyed those hours when i could pretend that i existed as a whole person.
NOTE**Sinus Surgery scheduled for May 8th.

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