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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well folks here it is ~~~~~~
I am feeling better, a lot of the swelling over my eyes has gone down, and I am able to wear my regular glasses!!! (I usually wear dark prescription glasses, even in the house)
About 50% of the redness is gone from my eyes and I was able to shop for groceries last night by myself (the first time in over a year!!) Hubby still had to drive me, and he walked around the store but I still felt a sense of freedom that I'd forgotten I was missing.
I spent most of the day with my mom. She took me to lunch at the Gibson Girls Luncheonette. I'd been wanting to try out this new "girly" cafe and was happy to share that with her! Then we went junkin at some of the local goodwill stores. I was floating to be out of the house and enjoying life again.
~~~~ After all that yesterday, I was exhausted.
PRAISE GOD for I know that I have some kind of HEALING
I can't wait for the next infusion treatment.
I have not felt this much hope in a long time...........

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