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Thursday, May 6, 2010

I made it into the study!!
I got the first infusion on Tuesday and will be returning in 2 weeks for the 2nd one. I am keeping very positive and believing that I got the durg not the plecebo. But If I did get the plecebo, I believe that my cure is still going to happen.
I know that there are many people out there praying

Randy & I were not able to fly due to the weather, so we jumped into the stand-by car and off we went. 16 hours later we got to Rochester! After checking into hotel, we got about 5 hours sleep.

On Monday, I had testing and dr appointments for 8 am - 4pm. I was so hungry. After eating and a quick shower I feel into a deep sleep. I don't think i moved!
On Tuesday, I go the infusion, we got there at 7am but it didn't start until 8:30 - and it went until 2:30. Then off to see Dr Stan and another test. We decided to start our drive back home and try to drive 4-6 hours so that it won't be too hard on us.

Because we drove, Randy and i got to see part of our country that we have never been to.
We saw (from road) Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, & Minnesota. It is amazing to see all that GOD created.

We wanted to let everyone know that the people at Mayo were great. Everyone that helped us in Rochester went so far beyond what we expected, that we felt blessed and well cared for.

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