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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My eyesight is worse now. I go the eye surgeon this Friday for a final consult. The double vision makes life unbearable. This post is so hard to put up. Before it was just dealing with blurriness and occasional double vision. Now the double vision is almost a constant issue. Hopefully the surgeon can explain my options to dh and me -in language we understand :)

Still dont' know anything about the pain in my muscles. The edno said that "its just graves" , while my gp thinks there might me other issues going on. I'm taking otc for the pain and am able to function on most days. I will deal with that more once eyes taken care of.

Endo also upped meds. Now on 224. he said highest was 300. Endo also told me that I was the WORST case of TED that he'd ever seen. That did make me feel special ~~~ hahahaha
He also said that i needed to exercise and lose some weight. i asked "how am i supposed to exercise when i can't get dressed b/c pain is so bad, or depression has me crying all day?"
His suggest was to get a trainer that could work with me....
I asked him if he was paying...... He looked at me funny, and i explained that we have lost our savings this past year to my health and that we still owe around 4k. NOT even considering the cost of the eye surgeries i'm looking at having. I think that endo's are used to people breaking down in the office, b/c he didn't act like it bothered him that i was hysterical.

I am still fighting the depression and anxiety. The anxiety attacks are getting more frequent, could be that i have been thinking about the eyes more ? ??

Please keep me in your prayers and let's all pray for a cure for Graves Disease!

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thy_r88gous said...

do you know about ? its a cool web site for people with thyroid disease. I myself have hyperthyroid and TED.