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Monday, January 11, 2010

I saw the dr on the 31st and my sed rate is still elevated. He wants me to stay off the lipitor for a few more weeks and retest, if the pain has not went away. :(
The joint pain is still there in my hands, wrists, shoulders, lower back and sometimes jaw. But the muscle pain has went away!!
My family has had the worst kind of virus. It has claimed us all for the past 5 days. Casey is on the upswing, and I have nothing left to give the porcelain throne. ~~~
This week I go back to GP, Eye DR, and ENDO.
I hope that I have more answers.........
Many thanks to all out there keeping me in prayers, I have been lifted up out of the depths of depression. I still am experiencing 'waves' of depression, but nothing like what i was going through!! God Bless You!!

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