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Friday, November 27, 2009

i am exhausted! And there is a new pain in my chest. It is dull and i will watch it.
my sinuses are getting better and my ears stopped draining. yippee !!
i just can't get enough sleep. I am bone weary and cold all the time. And am reexperiencing spells of dizziness. (I haven't had these in a few months.) I go back to GP in a few weeks and will be getting new cholesterol meds then, I will talk to him about the cold, tiredness, and dizziness and see it maybe these are med related or GD related??
No news on the eye surgery. I guess insurance gets to set the pace on this issue. I'm still unstable with TSH ~~ so I couldn't get it anyway. It is just depressing. I so badly want to see again enough to drive. I feel so helpless.

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Christy (CPJ) said...

Praying for you! Keep us posted on the eye surgery possibility.