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Monday, August 31, 2009

I have made THE decision. I will NOT be a prisoner any more!

I have let GD and TED overtake ME. I am claiming my life back.
I am starting a new month and a new chapter of this disease. I am going to fight with everything that I have. Because that is who I am!
I have gained over 50 pounds during the last year and with this huge weight gain has come depression, anxiety, intimacy issues, spiritual issues and even the fear of being around others.
I know that this is not the life that I want to have.
I am YELLING it out --- I will fight for my life, my husband, my children
No more laying down and accepting that this is just the way it is..... I WILL change the things that I can and I WILL rely FULLY on GOD to provide everything else.
Love to all---

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