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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Over the last week I have been fighting off a horrible 'bug'. Houston & Braydon have also been sick. Houston is well and Braydon & I are recovering. However, Randy (DH) is in bed SICK :(
Much to my amazement, my eyes did not seem to get worse this time. They were never dry, itching, irritated or any thing else. I am thankful for that.
Anyone know about energy levels in relation to T3 or T4 levels?

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Gosh Darned Grave's said...

If T3/4 is low, you will be very tired and likely depressed, symptomatically hypo. Same goes for if your T3 is elevated, because it mimics the hyperthyroid syndrome and your body just begins to work too hard. Evened out levels over a sustained period is the best to beat the fatigue, but even then, Grave's messes with more than just your thyroid and eyes and causes the tireds. I have had this condition for 11 years, and I am still having difficult accepting the fact I have it. I am in denial and think it will just go away. Which causes me to not pay attention until I crash, and then I have to pick myself back up again. GOOD LUCK!