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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am at my mom's house and getting ready for bed! I am soooooo ready to go to Mayo for the next step in my treatment! I am getting better. A little at a time. I think after the next infusion I am even going to reach a new level of healing.
PRAISE GOD for the healing that I have already experienced
PRAISE GOD for the people at "Mercy Medical Airlift" they are helping to get me to this appointment at Mayo.
I love my hubby! I have been very difficult this last few days and he has been more understanding and we continue to grow closer~ sometimes after a misunderstanding it is easier to see the "true" emotions we have for each other.....
PRAISE GOD that I have a family that loves me and supports this treatment
I will post more when I return
~~Keep praying for a healing because GOD can and DOES perform MIRACLES today!

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