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Monday, March 29, 2010

Well the GP said thought that I needed to change anti-depressants. So I am weening off of citrolpram and onto cybalta. Still no meds for cholesterol. GP wants to wait until eye surgeries are over and my body has time to rebound.
I am so upset..... I have gained almost 30 pounds since mid-October of last year. That's only 5 months. Add that to the other 30 pounds that I gained at the beginning of this sickness and you have me~~~ The BIGGEST I HAVE EVER BEEN.
It is scary because I have been eating healthy (fish, chicken, low carbs, veggies and fruit) and yet the GP said that because my TSH was so crazy and where I have been battling depression that I have leaning toward my natural tendency to put on weight.
So~~ Today I rode the exercise bike some and it feels great, But I sure am ready for a nap!!
My sinuses are getting worse again, I live in East Tennessee and we are going into peak pollen season. I pray that i can have the OD surgery soon and be able to drive so that I can get the allergy shoots that ENT wanted me to get last year!

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