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Friday, June 5, 2009

Went to ENT yesterday for allergy testing. I wasn't too bad and it didn't hurt much.
I am allergic to short ragweed, english plantain, johnson grass, white oak tree, pecan tree, sycamore tree, candida albicans, cockroach, dog, dust mite, & house dust. I live in East Tennessee so there is NO way to remove myself completely from the outside allergens!
I am overwhelmed. I will be contacting insurance to see what is covered in the immune therapy that the ENT recommends. Basically getting shots twice a week for a few months and then moving them back to every few weeks until I reach a maintenance level--which could be a year. Then it takes 2-4 years to reach a level of desensitizing my body to those allergens. I am overwhelmed with sickness and disease and anxiety and vision issues and bloodwork and the crazy fact that I am allergic to something that my body produces---that's right the candida albicans is something in everyone and lucky me is allergic to it. The allergist told me that this allergy causes headaches, pain in your gums, teeth issues, lock jaw on top of colon problems!

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