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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visit ENT. He removed the packing and it hurt! I yelled out, I was then amazed at the size of that 'thing' shoved up my nose. The ENT vacuumed out the crusty {his word} and then did the fun camera trick. You know--show a 6 inch camera up your nose while you are awake and trying not to move!!??? Joking aside, it didn't hurt too bad. However; when he drilled open two small holes in the upper cavities so that they could drain... That hurt. Once I got home, I started to get a headache so i just went to sleep.
Side note:::::Even my non-observant husband noticed the huge difference in swelling around my eyes and nose!! I just wonder how much more swelling will go down and is it going to make my vision any better???

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