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Friday, May 15, 2009

The tremors are back with a vengeance! Before the meds they were slight in my hands and arms. Last night and today they are in the form of twitching in major muscle groups. The left side of my face twitched for 15 minutes before stopping. And about a hour later my right arm twitched so hard it probably would be called jerking-- and lasted 2-3 minutes. Then this morning it was also comical, my torso did shudder-like twitching for 1-2 minutes. {just picture an overweight lady shaking the sisters around--it must have looked funny to the fly on the wall} Put a call in to the Endo to see if this is a possible side effect from meds or do I need to bloodwork to check levels?????
Please continue to pray for me, it seems that my anxiety is starting to manifest in a very unusual way. I can't seem to be outside and away from my home for over 2 hours before an attack is triggered.

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