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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Had a GREAT day yesterday! I managed to go the grocery store with a friend with 2 small kids and only needed regular meds! Of course I had to take a nap afterwords--hahaha. I wore my sunglasses and hat in the BRIGHT store and the lights only hurt a little, it was more the blurry edges around everything that bothered me. I even made it to the ballfield last night to watch Casey. Of course, my body temp went crazy there and I needed a blanket when ALL the other people were in shorts and short sleeves!! I can't wait for the thyroid meds to regulate my body. {I think my son was a little embarrassed and I can understand where he is coming from because I was a little embarrassed myself so I ended up the truck for the last inning} My emotions seem to be evening out more and more every day-- I love that I am no longer a rollercoster! Well, maybe I still a baby rollercoaster.

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