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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Will my eyes get better? Impossible to say. The dryness and excessive tearing comes with having an autoimmune disease (the antibodies exist in my body, just without their target). I have TED (Thyroid Eye Disease), and my eyelids are retracted, I am swollen on the underside, and my eyes themselves are slightly bulging. All of this is effecting my eyesight, it is slightly blurry and hard to focus.

Will I get another autoimmune disease? Impossible to say. I am more likely to end up with a second autoimmune disease, by virtue of the fact that I have one already{ just look at statistics}. No way of knowing which it may be, or if I will get a second one at all. I am going to try real hard to be healthy and as stress free as possible.

Right now, I am focusing on recovering from the surgery, and from the hyperthyroidism. And trying not to think about upcoming sinus surgery!

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