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Friday, April 24, 2009

It has been a looooong week. Sorry I haven't posted. Even though I "feel" better, my pc is downstairs and the walk has caused my heart rate to rise, causing my anxiety to rise....SO I have basically slept and rested all week----except when going to Drs on Tuesday and Thursday!
On Tuesday---I went to Cardiologist to check heart due to squeezing type pain and the palpations I've been having. He put me on Zantac for a month because "statistically" I am not in a class of people that has heart problems. He scheduled a test for Thursday. Wait on starting exercise program until test results come back an we know everything is ok with my heart.
On Thursday---Randy took me to the Stress/Echo test yesterday, and we will know something on 4/30. It was crazy.. they told me 2-4 hours. I was in and out in 35 minutes. My chest hurts.
Saw Endo, he changed meds slightly--hopefully this dose will work better for me. Advised me to take Calcium supplement daily. Also Endo really didn't want me to have sinus surgery. He stated that sometimes it worked..and sometimes it didn't! I have to do it because I have to do everything I can to get rid of the headaches! I am working towards quality of life. With the headaches, I am in so much pain, I lay in bed for days or am so "doped" that i exist in my own little "doped up" world. He also measured my EYES.. He said that they are worse. Need to consider surgery SOON. {Hopefully after the sinus surgery my eyes will go into a COLD phase and I can get the necessary surgery. }
Saw GP, he gave me meds for depression and slightly changed the dose on the anxiety meds. He also examined rectum due to bleeding since surgery!! What a week. GP put me on suppository for 2 weeks, if not better then will send me to specialist!

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